Ludden Library Renovation & Expansion

Ludden Library Renovation & Expansion

LocationCheyenne, WY
ClientLaramie County Community College
Size29,000 SF
Cost5.2 million

Award Winning Library at LCCC

The Ludden Library Renovation & Expansion project consisted of nearly 22,000 SF of renovation and 7,000 SF of additional expansion to the existing Library. The original Library was constructed in 1972, when printed materials were the primary media used by their 1,000 full time students at that time. With the current enrollment of over 4,400 students, the existing Library space was functionally challenged not to mention the lack of appeal. The renovation goal and vision complemented the campus’s desire to update and enhance the experience of the 21st Century Student by transforming the Library into a Library/Learning Commons with an Innovation space.

GH Phipps played an integral part in developing and bringing the concepts to reality helping to overcome initial budget constraint issues while not compromising the integrity of the vision. The successful completion of the Ludden Library project has proven to have developed the partnership between GH Phipps and LCCC.

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2019 Outstanding Library Award

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