GH Phipps Wyoming, LLC is a full-service General Contractor. We provide our clients with extensive preconstruction services, including early cost estimating, design-build services, general contracting/construction, CMAR, maintenance services, and a full breadth of construction assistance building your next project.

We have a lengthy track record of building sustainable projects and benefiting from the use of construction technology such as Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) and Building Information Modeling (BIM) and document management.

Preconstruction Services

We provide cost estimating, cost alternative solutions, life cycle cost analysis, project logistics planning, constructibility reviews, and project phasing & scheduling

Construction Services

One of our founding principles at GH Phipps is to provide the highest quality finished product to our clients.


At GH Phipps, we use innovative Virtual Design and Construction processes because we know they add value and help us do a better job.