Our Story

Constructing the West

Gerald H. Phipps, A Legacy

Gerald H. Phipps, Inc. was founded in 1952. Our firm stands on the shoulders and reputation of our founder Gerald H. Phipps, whose goal was to build solid relationships with clients, employees, subcontractors, and the community. The son of a representative to the United States Senate from 1919 to 1931, he inherited his father’s interest in philanthropic and civic involvement, from supporting Children’s Hospital Colorado to ownership of the Denver Broncos from 1961 to 1981.

Gerald began his career in construction by managing the Denver office of Platt Rogers Construction, the firm founded by his uncle. Eventually, Gerald bought the Denver office and began what is now GH Phipps Construction Companies.

Gerald’s interest in his employees’ success was backed up by action. In 1967, he established a profit-sharing plan to allow employees to share in the success of the company. Before his passing in 1993, he created a plan to transfer the company’s assets to a profit-sharing trust, now held as an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP).

Serving the West

After partnering with Delta Construction, Inc. for many years, GH Phipps Construction Companies had the opportunity to acquire the company and establish the Laramie office. Early projects were primarily in the southern region of the state near Cheyenne and Laramie. As GH Phipps Wyoming continued to grow, the team opened an office in Casper to better serve the region from a central location.

Consistent with Gerald H. Phipps’ values to serve employees, clients, and community, GH Phipps Wyoming’s mission is to enrich the lives of employees, clients, and communities. It’s through the commitment of our individuals that we are able to serve others and the organizations that positively impact the people in our communities.

Prioritizing a safe, inclusive, and healthy workplace is the first step in positively contributing to our local built environment. We invest in our people with training and development to assure that they are prepared to serve our clients to their fullest abilities. We consistently provide high-quality deliverables achieved through clear communication and our commitment to meeting client objectives.

Our clients and community are our priorities.

We Give Where We Live


In alignment with company core values, GH Phipps Wyoming upholds a volunteer program intended to enrich the lives of our employees, clients, and communities.  The program, ONE-60-1952, represents three primary goals.

1,952 Volunteer Hours
60 Organizations
In One Year

With this initiative, we encourage our team to select organizations of their choice in their local communities to give back to. Coaching youth sports, fundraising, donating skilled labor, and giving back to religious organizations are just some of the ways we serve our communities.

Our Mission

To enrich the lives of our employees, clients, and communities.

The culture of giving is embedded in GH Phipps Wyoming.

Our Wyoming History

GH Phipps Wyoming has proudly served Wyoming since its establishment. Our company roots stem from a strong foundation built over years of service in our state. 

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