State of Wyoming – Combined Laboratories Facility

The Cheyenne Joint Laboratories houses the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), the Public Health Department (PH) and the Department of Criminal Investigations (DCI). These laboratories and office spaces are housed in a 125,000 square foot facility with its own central plant. The mechanical systems are state of the art with differential pressure allowing each lab space the proper air cascade to accommodate the materials that are being handled by each group. This is accomplished using a Phoenix system with over 350 valves in place. It is serviced by 5 air handling units, two chillers, boilers, exhaust systems, a cooling tower and a very complicated control system.  This building also houses a BSL-3 laboratory to deal with highly contagious material that can be isolated and analyzed.  The DCI, PH and DEQ personnel have provided office space within the facility. This project was also built in the spirit of LEED insuring that the building would operate in an efficient and cost effective manner.

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